Minecraft Entity Wizard Allows Players to Create Custom Mobs

FrankinMine’s Monsters

Everything in Minecraft has one thing in common: Blocks. Everything is made of blocks. Whether we are talking about the blocks that make up the world or the things that live in it. Blocks make the world go square. The game allows for such creativity, players can build anything they want. Now, you can create your own mobs with the Minecraft Entity Wizard.

The modding community is very strong. Whether you are looking for texture packs, Minecraft OP Prison servers, unique items, or new mobs, modders have your back. If you want to customize your own mobs, you can do that without mods now.

Minecraft Entity Wizard

The Minecraft Entity Wizard is a plugin for Blockbench, which is a program used to edit 3D models. With it, you can create a mob based on existing ones or start entirely from scratch. For instance, you can make a creature that resembles a Skeleton, but behaves like a Ghast, or vice versa.

Users can follow step-by-step instructions to make their own mobs. The only limit is your creativity. Minecraft Entity Wizard was designed to be a very simple tool capable of churning out complex ideas and designs.

Minecraft is available on pretty much everything. The Entity Wizard is only available for Bedrock Edition.

What would you create with the Minecraft Entity Wizard? Let us know in the comments below.