Dave the Diver Plunging Into Early Access This Month

Get Ready For the Dive

Get ready divers, to enter a world full of adventure, mystery, and danger. Today developer MINTROCKET is happy to announce that their genre bending adventure game, Dave the Diver, is arriving to Steam Early Access on October 27th. Having brought a demo to Gamescom this year it seems Dave is ready to come to Early Access. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally players can watch the trailer from earlier this year to get a glimpse of the gameplay. 

Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver is a genre bending adventure game that introduces players to Dave. Dave is… a diver. However, he has dreams of much more. Playing as Dave, players will dive into a massive underwater cave. This cave is home to all manner of strange creatures from different kinds of fish, to gigantic monstrosities. Importantly, the cave is ever-changing and players can always discover new species. Of course, this is where Dave’s dream sushi restaurant makes its appearance. Capturing new species allows you to come up with new recipes. Making money from the restaurant allows players to buy new equipment and explore even deeper. 

Arriving with the Early Access version of the game will be a host of new features. From food critics to seahorse racing, players can look forward to all of these features. Of course, players can get a glimpse of Dave in all his glory in the first trailer released earlier this year. 

Dave the Diver is releasing into Steam Early Access on October 27th. It will be releasing with a load of new content to explore. So, are you ready to dive into the deep blue?