Castle Renovator Building on PS4 and PS5 Today

Time to Get Medieval 

Have you ever watched those house flipper shows? Well, this game is like that but with castles instead. Today, Polish studio Pyramid Games S.A. is happy to announce the PlayStation release of their renovating sim, Castle Renovator. A press release about the PlayStation versions of the game provides more details. Additionally, players can watch the new PlayStation reveal trailer to get a glimpse at all they can expect in game. 

Castle Renovator

Castle Renovator introduces players to their new job: A Castle Renovator. Of course, the job is pretty self-expanatory. Across diverse, and beautiful, locations players will carry out orders to help give these castles a new look. From repairing, and decorating to even cleaning, players will explore and design the castles they work on to progress through the game. Importantly as players make progress they will unlock new tools to use in their mission. Additionally, players can work on their own settlements using the skills thye learn to construct castles and buildings of their own. 

The game will take players across three distinct eras. These include, the Middle Ages, Baroque, and Renaissance. Of course, players can get a glimpse of each of these eras in the new PlayStation trailer. Furthermore the trailer shows off the art style, and gameplay, of Castle Renovator. Check it out below. 

Castle Renovator is out today on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. Currently the game costs $14.49. So, are you ready to become the best castle renovator around? Jump right in then, and start exploring some castles.