Biggest Gaming Conventions That Every Gamer Likes – Instagram Announcements

If you’re big into the game industry, you likely already know that some of the biggest conventions are a must. Whether you attend them or just talk about them, you need to be in the know. People like PewDiePie and other popular gaming Instagram influencers always actively participate or at least share information about these conventions on IG.

At gaming conventions, the biggest names in games, technology, equipment, and ideas come to one place. It’s an experience to remember, and it’s always hot. If you’re looking to trend on Instagram and gain many likes, don’t ignore these things.

For example, if you’re a gamer, you could make a post on IG talking about the convention. You could share news, announcements, or something that catches your attention. Then, you should go out and buy 50 Instagram likes for that post.

Check out these top picks for the biggest conventions.

1. Gamescom

Gamescom is likely the biggest convention out there, with more than 350,000 attendees every single year. This convention takes place in Germany each year, and people come from around the world to attend and share publications from there on IG to gain many likes.

It’s a big event, and since it’s open to the general public, it’s one that you definitely want to be a part of or be talking about on Instagram.

Once it gets traction, the world will be tuned into your channel! But we digress. In recent years, the event has been entirely digital, which means the next scheduled event will likely be more significant than ever if they return to public meetings! Keep your eye on it not to miss awesome content that will bring many IG likes.

2. PAX – Penny Arcade Expo

The PAX Expo is quite a bit smaller than Gamescon, but that doesn’t make it any less desirable. This even happens in two separate timeframes and two separate locations within the United States. They typically have something in the Western half and then something in the Eastern half as well.

They bring in several well-known players and companies within the industry. They also organized:

  • tournaments,
  • exhibits,
  • and panel discussions for the guests.

While the total number of attendees is smaller, it’s still a large, well-loved event that is well-shared on Instagram.

This event is more about bringing together at least 70,000 people from all over the world. They differ slightly from your traditional video game focus and instead look more at arcade games of every style. Fresh content is right what you need to gain many IG likes.

3. Comic-Con

Comic-Con is one huge event, and it’s definitely a video game convention. Of course, they focus on things besides just video games, but that has become one of the biggest highlights for the 130,000 attendees that come to San Diego every year to join the action.

If you’re local to San Diego or planning to attend, we highly recommend making announcements on your Instagram account. It’s going to be huge! While this convention used to be primarily focused on comic characters and superheroes (or villains), it has adapted over the years.

More recently, they have started bringing in a significant video game presence, and you will find tons of players involved and in attendance too. It’s not solely a game convention, but it’s intermingled. You will also find that many gamers still love and are actively involved here. It’s almost like a right of passage in some ways.

4. Brasil Game Show

If you’re looking for the absolute largest gaming expo in the world, this is the one to check out. It’s even more significant than Gamescon, although they are very close. They have more than 300,000 people come through every year, and a wide variety of things are included.

There will be:

  • developers,
  • cosplayers,
  • gamers,
  • Insta bloggers,
  • technology,
  • and plenty more.

They even bring in some kickstarters to impress the crowds. All these people come together and work together for the event, and some of the best ideas and collaboration ideas are brought together here and shared on IG. Usually, people are engaged in such themes and will eagerly bring you many Instagram likes.

Another thing that sets this convention apart is the fact that they have steady entertainment throughout the event. It’s certainly focused on the gaming aspects, but there are big draws for the entertainment and to see who they will bring in next. Surprise is just what you need to shake the engagement on your page and gain many IG likes.

5. Tokyo Game Show

Another fan favorite is the Tokyo Game Show. When you think about it, a lot of innovations come out of Asia, so it makes sense that a convention would be big stuff here to share on Instagram. It is:

  • another large expo
  • with 270,000+ attendees that span the event,
  • and it’s hosted in Tokyo every year.

This is the place to be if you’re looking for the latest news or release information in the gaming industry. So many companies make huge announcements and even have trials available here for the guests to get a sneak peek, which gains many IG likes.

Between E3 and Tokyo Games, these two should be your priority choices if you’re looking for the latest news or releases.

6. E3 Games Expo

That brings us to E3. This is one of the greatest, baddest shows in the United States. Much like Tokyo Game Show, it’s known for having all of the following:

  • the latest news
  • announcements,
  • and sneak peeks at the gaming industry.

While you catch wind of things at other expos, too, this one is maddeningly known for being the place to hear all the best rumors first. Such a great place to collect valuable information for your content plan! Sounds like a great chance to gain many Instagram likes.

After several years of digital-only conventions, thanks to the pandemic, E3 has officially announced they will be live and in person for its 2023 convention. Tickets will likely sell out very quickly, so you will want to pay close attention to the opportunities to be a part of this one.

If you’re promoting or announcing on IG, keep a very close eye on E3 news, or make an extra effort to be there in person yourself. You could create some killer stories, reels, and posts from your experience to gain many likes on Instagram!

7. IgroMir

Where some gaming conventions have specific focuses, IgroMir is an open type.

  • They welcome everyone and every company from the industry.
  • They bring in a wide variety of genres, so there is something that appeals to everyone here.

This expo has been in place since 2006 and continues to grow. They typically have 150,000+ attendees. There are always fun opportunities, entertainment, and plenty to see or do while you’re there. So it is easy to get there and to collect various information which suits anyone and will bring you many IG likes!

8. EGX Eurogamer Expo

The Eurogamer Expo, or EGX as it’s adoringly known as is the largest gaming convention in the UK. They typically have close to 100,000 attendees. This convention is the perfect place to share news and announcements with the audience to see and try new things physically.

Many exhibitors set up massive stations where attendees can try out games or systems and see them for themselves before it ever comes to market. Like many other events, they have representatives from multiple genres, and Cosplay is also welcome here. A great chance to create colorful photos and attract many likes on Instagram.

9. Blizzcon

Blizzcon is a big deal in the US, and it’s a much smaller gaming convention because it’s more focused towards a specific genre. Most of the gamers that meet here focus on Blizzard, which means you will see a lot of:

  • WoW,
  • Starcraft,
  • Diablo,
  • and other similar news or information here.

They hold this every fall in Anaheim, which is a beautiful location for conventions. You’re right around the corner from Disney, too, so you can enjoy the convention and take some time to enjoy other attractions in the area while you’re there. It sounds like a wonderful place for content creation to gain many IG likes.

10. Game Developers Conference

Finally, another huge convention is the Game Developers Conference. This is where developers and designers get together to collaborate, come up with new ideas, and even share their ideas with the world on Instagram. This is for the industry movers and shakers more than the players, but it’s a popular event!


These biggest conventions are just a few that are loved by gamers everywhere. They all have unique qualities, but they are all also designed to bring people together who love gaming. Take the opportunity to boost your own stance in the gaming community by sharing news and announcements from these events on Instagram to gather many likes or maybe even attend one as well.