Ready or Not’s Developer Update Shows Off Some New Weapons

Ready or Not’s Developer Update Shows Off Some New Weapons 

Void Interactive is an independent video game publisher and developer that released Ready or Not in 2021. The game is a tactical first person shooter that takes players back to the days of SWAT. Today, the company has released Volume 40 of its developer updates. In this update, the company discussed weapons that are set to be released in the game’s content releases. The game is currently available in early access on PC via Steam at a price of $39.99USD.

The first weapon is the SPC, an SMG that can let off over 1,100 rounds per minute. Players that use this weapon must possess trigger discipline and target acquisition to retain ammo. Next, players will get their hands on the M11 Compact, a very reliable pistol that is used throughout the force. Furthermore, the MK18 will be replacing the M4A1 and will maintain its pristine, clean look while offering a solid weapon. Finally, players will get their hands on the infamous MP7, a unique SMG with armor piercing capabilities and a high rate of fire that is perfect for any entry on the team.

In Ready or Not, players will engage in intense, tactical combat based on SWAT units in the modern world. Players must be able to navigate unique situations with hostages, enemies and much more. The game offers robust and natural controls, diverse modes and various customization options.

What are your thoughts on Ready or Not? Have you tried it since its release? What aspect of the update are you most looking forward to? Which gun will you be looking forward to using in the update? What did you think about the controversy about the game at its launch? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.