PUBG: Battlegrounds Is Getting McLaren Vehicle Skins

PUBG: Battlegrounds Has a Collab With McLaren

PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 19.2 is live now. This new update brings a new weather system, animations, vehicle, and a crossover collaboration with British supercar maker McLaren Automative. This is a limited time crossover that gives players the chance “to obtain a McLaren GT Standard – Onyx Black vehicle skin, costume, gear, emote, and more.

They can obtain these items through in-game McLaren Loot Caches. PUBG: Battlegrounds players can also get access to a new vehicle workshop as well as a McLaren container car in the starting points. These new additions will surely make players busy until their matches begin.

pubg battlegrounds mclaren vehicle skins

The event will run until the beginning of November. It will be November 1st for PC and November 9th for console users.

Despite the new look, however, developer Krafton has revealed that the “skins do not affect the performance of the vehicles and its original specs remain changed.” This means that their in-game McLaren vehicle cannot help them zip speedily to a chicken dinner.

“The goal for the update is to enhance player experience by improving and refining the game’s animation presentation while retaining existing timing and strategy,” devs continued. “Players jumping into Deston can experience the new time of day weather feature that will deliver a more realistic lighting/weather state over the course of a single match.”

However, they want PUBG: Battlegrounds players to now that this new feature “will not support a full day to night cycle and only a short progression cycle will be shown with no drastic change to the sun angle.”

The game has amassed more than 80,000 new daily players since it went free to play. Devs believe that this decision helped the battle royale shooter in clocking up more players.

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