No Place For Bravery Begins Its Adventure Today

Save the World and Your Family 

Welcome to a dark fantasy world. A world unfit for bravery. But one where it is needed. Today Ysbryd Games and Glitch Factory welcome the release of their action RPG, No Place For Bravery. Prepare to step into a devastated world to rescue a child. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Of course, a new animated launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the themes of the game and what one can expect heading into the world. 

No place for bravery feature

No Place For Bravery places players in the shoes of Thorn, a retired warrior ready to give up his sword for his tavern. However, a rumor about his missing daughter, Leaf, has him ready for one more adventure. Players, as Thorn, will adventure throughout a land fraught with danger. From horrifying and brutal monsters, to bandits, and far worse things, you will face many challenges. However, Thorn isn’t alone. His disabled foster son, Phid, is joining him to look for Leaf. 

As players adventure, they will discover new weapons, items, and more to use in combat. Battles are fast-paced, souls like, challenges full of parrying, countering, and dodging. Become a dealer of death with various different skills, and master the dance of battle. Of course, players can get a feel for the game from the new animated launch trailer. 

No Place for Bravery is out today on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Currently the game is available for $19.99. So, are you willing to take up your sword and be brave?