Firm team – firm choice

Gaming is a make-up of decisions – choosing players, items, strategies, and tactics to achieve the goal. The firmer your team and strategies are the more you’re likely to win. Yet, firmer choices can mean bigger expenses. Therefore, knowing how to handle them is always handy. For example, instead of shopping in stores, you can do it online, in a sustainable digital marketplace like Eneba. Opt for quality over quantity. And no matter what, be authentic with your decisions. This time, one of the games that may demand such skills for making firm choices is FIFA 23. Why?

Why play FIFA 23 this year?

FIFA 23 is anticipated to be this year’s big hit. Partially due to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, partially owing to its final release in the EA Sports FIFA series.

So, setting your spirit for the World Cup with FIFA 23 is the right thing to do. What’s so fun about FIFA’s games is that you don’t need to own a console to try them out. Grab your computer – and you’ll have the same opportunities as console gamers!

Nonetheless, some aspects of computer gaming have always been overlooked but never seriously taken into account until the upcoming FIFA 23 PC. Consider crossplay. There are some huge rumours that FIFA 23 will likely include the new PC crossplay features that are said to be tested out by the game creators themselves. Subsequently, this elevates our hopes to think that with this final release gamers are gonna have the chance to compete against one another in spite of the devices they choose to run their games on.

How revolutionary is the new FIFA 23 going to be?

This, we’ll only be able to answer when it’s launched. But so far, the prognosis is pretty optimistic. Starting with the fact that this is the last FIFA title instalment in EA Sports, already makes up for the impressive vision that they should leave no crumbs after this game.

Moreover, FIFA 23 will feature new football clubs and leagues. However, since new leagues like the English Women’s Super League will be added to the library, it is said that game creators have concentrated a greater focus on female football and teams.

More excitingly, the World Cup game mode will be available, making it even more intriguing before the real tournament begins. And all of this is waiting for us officially on September 30th.

But if you’re more than thrilled, you can already pre-order the game and additionally purchase some FIFA points which will help you build the strongest teams within hours, unlock your matches, and compete in tournaments. Even more comforting are the FIFA points prices fluctuating from 2 to 120 EUR.

Compact decisions never fail

When we talk about compact decisions, we talk about comfort. Having everything systematically organised is way better than keeping it loose and messy. Therefore, selecting your game platform is also a solution for better FIFA gaming. With PS and Xbox, it’s somewhat easier – the platform is here at your disposal. With a laptop, it’s either you who organises or different platforms doing it for you. Steam is still the most prominent of them and therefore can determine your gaming quality. You don’t need to buy FIFA separately to have it, once you receive a Steam voucher – everything stays the same and at your disposal, except that the title will forever stay in your Steam account, unlike the one that’s kept somewhere in your PC – frankly, sometimes just as loose and messy.

Organise and prepare yourself for one of the top games of the year. Build your team of players and see how a firm one can take you to the finals. FIFA 23 is not something to be dismissed this year. More so, with the World Cup coming soon. So, be sure to discover new updates and different game purchasing opportunities with Eneba at its digital marketplace!