Domekeeper Digs to Release Today

Time to Get Deep 

It’s time to hit the mines. Of course, the mines are constantly under attack, but that’s just another day. Today developer Bippinbits is happy to announce the release of their roguelike mining game, Domekeeper. A press release provides more info on the game. Additionally, a new release trailer gives players a perfect look at all of the mine defending action. 


Domekeeper places players in charge of a mining operation on an alien world. Of course, the aliens don’t like this very much. Waves of alien enemies are constantly attacking your base. Players must manage their time between attacks, digging for resources or upgrading their defenses. These resources are essential to your survival so you’ll need to be smart.  Of course, Domekeeper is a roguelike. This means each attempt at the game features a host of different outcomes to try. Choose different upgrades, find different resources. Furthermore, this means no two runs will ever be the same. All of these mechanics plus a vast and branching skill tree mean you can always find new ways to play. 

Players are able to get a glimpse of all of the hectic defensive action in the new launch trailer. Additionally, the launch trailer also provides a look at the art style of the game. Check it out. 

Domekeeper is available today on Steam. Currently the game has a 10% discount and is priced at $18.89. So, are you prepared to jump into Domekeeper? Think you can hold off the alien hordes and keep your mine going?