Airoheart Journey’s to Release Today

A Story of Heart and Betrayal 

Prepare for an adventure. A story of love, loss, betrayal, and bravery. Today developer Pixel Heart Studio is happy to announce that their action adventure game, Airoheart, is out today on all platforms. Providing a classic RPG experience to players the game draws inspiration from the RPG’s of old. A press release gives more details about the game’s plot and gameplay. Additionally, the new launch trailer adds some fresh glimpses of the game to players, just to let them know what to expect. 


Airoheart places players in  the land of Engard. Playing as the beloved hero Airoheart, players will embark on an adventure of discovery, tragedy, betrayal, and more. Of course, the player will travel throughout an enchanting, and pixel-art, land on a quest to stop their treacherous brother’s evil plans. On the way, they will explore dungeons, solve puzzles, acquire new weapons and armor, and so much more. 

Importantly, you will need every item you find. You will encounter deadly traps, and even deadlier enemies. Navigating your way to your brother won’t be easy but with the right gear you can take on anything. Of course, the new trailer gives players a look at all they can expect. From the pixel-art style of old, to all of the action awaiting them in the land of Engard. Check it out below. 

Airoheart is out today on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Consoles. Currently the game is available for $30.59. So, are you ready to start a new adventure?