5 Alternative Ways to Earn Money Through Gaming

When people think of professional gaming, they usually think about people who stream or play esports. But there are so many ways for people who love gaming to earn money from their passion these days. And many of these methods don’t require that much of an investment. You may also be surprised at how fast you can earn through these methods, and how much. Here are some alternative ways that you could earn money through gaming.

Become an eSports Journalist or Reporter

If you’re not skilled enough to be a competitive esports player but you love the scene, then there’s a possibility to make money as an esports journalist or reporter. You could build your online real estate with a blog and a YouTube channel and start making a name on the scene. This could be done by releasing footage you’ve taken at events, or by approaching blog owners and proposing to write for them as a guest. If your content is good, you will start to get recognition and you could land a job with a respected publication. Alternatively, you could stay independent.

Play Blockchain Games

Blockchain gaming is not only transforming the way gaming data and in-game purchases are tracked; it also offers tons of earning possibilities. You have games like Axie Infinite, for instance, that allow you to collect “smooth love potions” that double as crypto you can trade on the open market. You also have networks that connect players with the best pay-to-earn opportunities and allow you to earn based on performance. If you’d like to check out one of these networks, you can click here.

Refurbish Machines

You’ve probably seen or bought some refurbished gaming hardware or electronics before, but what if you could sell them? All you need to do is learn how to repair and restore defective units and get the proper equipment. This is something that you could learn on YouTube, and in some cases, you could make great profits by finding items that have minor defects that are severely underpriced.

Become a Gaming PC Builder

Another cool way that you could make a lot of money would be to start building gaming PCs for other people. This is a great option if you know gaming PCs inside and out and are familiar with their construction. The learning curve might be steeper depending on your knowledge, but once you’ve built your first PC successfully, things become much easier.

Become a Video Game Coach

Video game coaching is potentially a very lucrative niche and if you’re an expert at a certain game or a certain type of game, this is something you could do. You could do it on your own or team up with other top players you know and lead boot camps. Or you could offer one-on-one coaching online through screen sharing or in person. And, if you don’t feel like giving classes but want to make money from your expertise, you could always release a gaming guide either in video form or in an eBook.

As you can see, there is more than one way to earn a living or a part-time income through gaming. It’s all about having an open mind and doing the work necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you.