Vampire Survivors Patch 0.10.0 Introduces New Characters And More

Vampire Survivors Patch 0.10.0 Introduces New Characters And More

Poncle, or Luca, is an independent developer with seven years experience who worked on various titles in the past. However, recently, his latest creation, Vampire Survivors, blew up beyond measure. Since its release into Early Access in December 2021, Poncle has had to put a ton of work into the game and has continued to release content. In Patch 0.10.0, players can look forward to some cool new content alongside tweaks to the gameplay. Interested fans can purchase the game on PC via Steam here for the price of $2.99USD.

In the patch, the developers have introduced two new achievements as well as incredible secrets to discover and one new arcana. Furthermore, players will have access to content that was not in the roadmap such as two new characters and one new relic.

Besides the additions to content, the developers have introduced tweaks to the game for balancing purposes. For example, players will note changes to Arcana I, V, XVII and XVIII. Additionally, in its release, the developers hinted at two works in progress, namely more spells and an on-screen keyboard for touch-screen and gamepad players.

In Vampire Survivors, players must endure roguelite elements as they fight for survival against the clock using weapons, characters, power-ups and much more. There are a ton of achievements to unlock as well as various stages to head into to test your might. The possibilities are endless in the game and it is a steal at this price.

What are your thoughts on Vampire Survivors? Have you tried it since its release? Are you a fan of early access games? What part of the game do you enjoy the most? Are you excited for the update? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.