Tower of Fantasy Shows Off Action and Creativity in New Videos

Character Personalization and Immersive Action

Jump into an open world full of action, excitement, and unique characters. Today developer Hotta Studio released two new video showing off some aspects of their open-world MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy. A press release about the videos gives players some more details. Of course, the two new videos are focusing on the action of the game, as well as, the creative aspects of Tower of Fantasy. 

Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy introduces players to an open world named Aida. With an anime art style, unique characters and weapons, as well as, intense action combat. The game features a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, setting full of heroes and action. In fact the characters, with open character progression provide many unique ways to play, each with their own skills and weapons that players will adapt to. Of course, the world is for players to explore and as such is open for exploration. 

Both of the new videos cover important features of Tower of Fantasy that make it unique. The first showcases the vast options with character personalization. From character looks, to vehicles, to weapons and more the video covers what makes your character special. The second video covers the more social aspects of the game. Things like forming teams and taking on bosses are for usre making an appearance. 

Tower of Fantasy is currently set for release later in 2022. Over 1 million players are already registered on the game’s website. Additionally players can wish list the game on Steam. What do you think of the videos? Are you looking forward to these features?