Survival Crafting Game Nightingale Has Been Delayed Until 2023

Survival Crafting Game Nightingale Has Been Delayed Until 2023

Inflexion Game Studios was founded by Aaryn Flynn, a former Bioware manager. At the Game Awards 2021, the developers unveiled the game and provided more details over the past year. Today, unforunately, Inflexion Studios confirmed that the release of the game’s early access period has been delayed until 2023. The company listed quite a few reasons for the delay.

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Via its official Twitter, the developers stated that they made the decision to delay the game’s early access release date until the first half of 2023. Firstly, the developers indicate that they want to upgrade Unreal Engine 5 now instead of waiting for the game’s release. Secondly, Inflexion Games seeks to deliver the best experience possible and the additional time will allow them to make key improvements, bolster content and polish gameplay.

Additionally, in closing, the team thanks fans for their patience and indicates that they will provide more information and updates in the coming weeks.

Moreover, in Nightingale, players will explore an open world where they can craft, build and explore fantastical realms. Furthermore, players as a Realmwalker must navigate different realms and portals on their way to Nightingale.

Unfortunately, delays in development leading to a pushback in the release date is a constant in the industry since the pandemic. Various titles have been affected by delays and been postponed into 2023 such as Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Blazing Strike and much more. Developers are taking time to perfect the game as the impact of the pandemic lessens.

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