Saviorless, Narrative Platformer, Unveils Gameplay Demo

The Master of Your Own Fate

The age old question, to be or not to be? Are you feeling existential yet? Today PID Games is happy unveil the gameplay demo for their upcoming dark fantasy platformer, Saviorless. A press release about the game provides more details about what players can expect from the demo. Additionally, a new gameplay trailer shows off the art style and game world to players. 


Saviorless introduces players to a hand-drawn world of dark fantasy. Following two main characters as they attempt to escape from a cursed land named the Smiling Islands. Players will have the opportunity to swap between the two characters, the fragile Antar and the violent Savior , as they adventure throughout the Islands. Adventuring will present players with puzzles that need solving, interesting characters to meet, and hordes of dangerous enemies to battle. 

However, as you adventure it’s important to keep your eyes out for secrets. Every wall can contain secrets and hidden things are everywhere. Of course as you adventure and discover more and more about the Islands you will discover if this place is a dreamlike land or a nightmare. Importantly players can get a look at this new world in the new gameplay trailer. From the art style to the platforming gameplay, take a look at Saviorless. 

Saviorless is currently in development, however a gameplay demo is currently available for free on Steam. So, are you ready to jump into a whole new adventure? What do you think about Saviorless?