Prime Matter Officially Announces The Last Oricru’s Release Date

Prime Matter Officially Announces The Last Oricru’s Release DateĀ 

Prime Matter is a premium publishing company that works on a wide variety of titles and alongside many developers. This time, Prime Matter has teamed up with developers Goldknights, that was founded in 2015 by industry veterans from companies such as Activision and Sony. The companies have announced that The Last Oricru, its upcoming third-person action RPG, will release on October 13th, 2022. It will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The companies also released a trailer showing off the game.

In the game, players will be dropped into the sci-fi/medieval world of Wardenia where there is a massive civil war for supremacy of the planet. As a result, players must be prepared to engage in tough combat, massive fights and uncover a conspiracy theory that seeks to disrupt a peaceful world. Along the way, players must make difficult, key choices and the game places an emphasis on storytelling.

The Last Oricru Co-Op

Furthermore, the developers have also made the game for both single-player, split-screen and online multiplayer co-op experiences with various difficulty settings. In the trailer, viewers are given a first look at different areas across the world of Wardenia. Moreover, viewers are given some insight into decisions to be made as well as aspects of the story. Also, Prime Matter, in Dev Diary #3, gives some further insight into the game’s main hero, Silver, who must explore the world of Wardenia in an attempt to save it.

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