The Last Oricru, Action RPG, Dev Diary Talks Co-Op

Dynamic Storytelling, Alone or Together

The world of Wardenia awaits. The Developers from GoldKnights have released a new developer diary talking about their upcoming action RPG game, The Last Oricru. The five minute video discusses the co-op features of the game and provides players with what they can expect from a co-op experience. 

The Last Oricru Co-Op

The Last Oricru is an RPG game that applies intense focus to how the character plays. The story of the game is branching and depends on player choice. Everything stems from the player. So, which faction you choose, who you betray, who you help, and more will all have a bearing on your story. Additionally, as the dev-diary explains, players have the choice to tackle the game in single player or co-op modes. In each, the choices of the main player still matters and you won’t be missing out on anything simply for choosing to play one way or another. 

The game features both drop in/drop out online co-op and split screen couch co-op. Players who join another’s adventure will automatically be set to the level of the player they join. This means that players don’t have to worry about playing alone when a friend can’t. 

“One of the first things was to find pillars and unique selling points of our new brand. We very soon realized that co-op is one of those features.” Says Vladimir Gersl, Executive Producer at GoldKnights, in the developer diary. 


The Last Oricru is set to release sometime in 2022. Upon release the game will be available on next generation consoles and PC. So, how are you going to brave The Last Oricru? Alone, or with a friend?