Illuminaria Brings the Light With Steam Release Today

Stand Against The Dark 

It’s time to light up the darkness in the world. Just you, and a swarm of robots. Today Selva Interactive is happy to announce that their resource management game, Illuminaria, is out now on Steam. A press release provides more info about the game. Additionally, a trailer from last month provides players with a glimpse of what they can expect to experience. 


Illuminaria brings players to a world lost to darkness. Players will use a specialized army of little robots to help return light to the world. Of course, to do this, players must build their base of operations. Using resources that they mine, players will expand, defend multiple bases, and manage the resources of these bases all while defending themselves from the forces of darkness. At the same time holding back stronger and stronger foes sent by darkness to destroy you. 

The game combines different genres to make a unique experience. Ranging from a resource management sim to an auto battler and even tower defense. The game introduces players to both strategy elements and intelligent AI. The AI is smart enough to decide what to do next. Your robot swarm can take over tasks themselves based on their own intelligence and player input. Players can see the bots in action in the trailer. 

Illuminaria is out today for PC, via Steam. For more information players can visit Illuminaria’s website. So, are you ready to bring some light back to the darkness? Get to it, these robots aren’t just going to stand around.