World of Warcraft Devs Insist Dragonflight’s Features Won’t Be Abandoned

World of Warcraft Devs Want Dragonflight Features to Carry Forward

World of Warcraft is going to feature new features soon. Dragonflight is coming and it will bring some flashy new components to the game. Examples of which are the Dracthyr race, their accompanying Evoker class, as well as some customizable dragon mounts.

These new features will stick around throughout the game as the MMO continues to evolve. However, fans of the World of Warcraft community are well aware that so many expansion ideas have been pushed to the wayside before. With that said, Blizzard wants their fans to know that they plan to make sure that more of Dragonflight’s features will carry forward.

world of warcraft dragonflight features not abandoned

One of the things we really wanted to engage with Dragonflight is to make as much of it for evergreen World of Warcraft as possible,” devs said. 

This is very good news for World of Warcraft fans. After all, they saw how Blizzard abandoned several features of previous expansions. Warlords of Draenor’s Highmaul Coliseum and pre-Cataclysm rare drops, to name a few, were eventually forgotten.

Dawson specifically mentioned the new Evoker class. Evokers will have the ability to empower spells by charging them for a period of time. According to him, the World of Warcraft team wants to make sure they can apply this particular feature to other casters as well.

Dragonflight will lift race and class restrictions, beginning with priests, mages, and rogues. Fans think this is somewhat ironic especially considering that the Dracthyr are the only ones who can be Evokers. At least, this is true for when the expansion first launches. Still, this step seems to be heading towards a good direction.

Furthermore, the Dracthyr will also have some customization options. These are reportedly going to be more robust than any other playable race to date. “We definitely spent a lot of effort in making sure we could customize the heck out of them,” Dawson added. “We have the ability for every single player on the planet to make their own, unique Dracthyr customization so we not have any duplicates.”

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