Way of the Hunter Announces Officially Licensed Steyr Arms Equipment

The Right Tools For the Job 

When hunting you need to trust your equipment. If you’re responsible and ethical as a hunter, your prey will hopefully go down in one-shot. Luckily Way of the Hunter has the right tools for you. Today THQ Nordic announced an official partnership with Austrian weapons manufacturer Steyr Arms for the upcoming game Way of the Hunter. A press release about the partnership provides more details. Additionally a new trailer gives players glimpse of some of the rifles they can see in game. 

Way of The

Way of the Hunter places players in the boots of a seasoned hunter. Using a variety of top-of-the-line equipment players will track, stalk, and kill various types of game and then sell their meat to make a living. Of course now joining this expansive list of equipment are Steyr Arms officially licensed rifles. These include Steyr Pro Hunter II, the Steyr Monobloc, or the Steyr Mannlicher SM12 . However, players can expect to see even more Steyr Arms weaponry in the game, available for player use. 

Of course, the new trailer shows off the weapons in action. Aiming to display the company’s weapons strength, design, and range, the trailer gives players a direct look at a few of the weapons. Additionally, the video shows off the weapons both bare-bones and with scopes and other attachments. 

Way of The Hunter is releasing on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 on August 16th. Digital Pre-orders are available now and provide players with either the standard and elite versions of the game. Are you excited for this partnership? Will you be following the Way of The Hunter?