Phoenix Point: Complete Edition Out Now On PC With Final Update

The War Goes On 

Turn-based strategy enters its final form. Snapshot Games is proud to announce that they have released Phoenix Point: Complete Edition today on PC. Alongside the release of the Complete Edition comes the games final update, “Hastur”, which is bringing further content to the game from the community itself. A press release provides more info about Phoenix Point: Complete Edition. Furthermore, a trailer for the complete edition allows players to see all that is coming with it. 

phoenix point feature

Phoenix Point: Complete Edition places players in control of the Phoenix Project. An elite group of soldiers, and the last line of defense on Earth against an overwhelming alien threat. Players will engage in tactical turn-based battles on procedural maps. As some of the last, and best trained, soldiers left on Earth you may feel alone. However, you aren’t. Other surviving factions can provide help, or harm, to the Phoenix Project. 

The launch of the Complete Edition brings about the game’s final official update, “Hastur”. The update is bringing a massive amount of content to the game in the form of Steam Workshop modding support. Importantly, Snapshot Games is kicking off this modding support with their very own custom campaign mod. Of course, the Complete Edition comes with all of the previously released DLC’s, as well as, all of the previously released soldier skins. 


Phoenix Point: Complete Edition is out now on PC via Steam. If you’re still unsure of the game, free demo’s are available on Steam as well. So, are you going to jump into Phoenix Point soldier? 

SOURCE: Press Release