Level Infinite Officially Announces Free To Play FPS Alara Prime

Level Infinite Officially Announces Free To Play FPS Alara Prime 

Level Infinite is a video game company involved in the release of Tower of Fantasy, The Cycle: Frontier and Metal: Hellsinger. The company along with Fall Damage, an independent developer, have announced the release of Alara Prime. Alara Prime is a free to play, team based tactical first person shooter that will release on PC via Steam. Interested fans can check out the game on its official website here. Players in Europe can obtain a key for the pre-alpha technical test from July 15th to 17th.

In the gameplay trailer, viewers were given a first look at the finer details of the game along with some action. In the game, players will enter teams of three in a tactical first person shooter. Players will adopt the role of either attackers or defenders and must complete their objective within the required time. Furthermore, players on both teams will be armed with abilities and items to help their cause.

Moreover, in the trailer, players were given a look at the game’s graphics and map design, which has a futuristic look and a ton of cover, angles and corners. Players must be tactical in their approach to the maps and the game is reminiscent of other popular titles such as Valorant and Counterstrike.

Also, players will have access to a wide array of weapons including snipers, auto rifles, pistols and shotguns. Each class will have its own primary and secondary weapons to use on the battlefield.

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