Diablo IV Beta Could Begin Sometime This Year

Diablo IV Beta Could Be Starting Soon

Diablo IV is one of the most highly anticipated games of late. Fans of the franchise have long been waiting for the next installment in this long-running series. In fact, they have been in wait for approximately a decade now.

Devs gave the community Diablo Immortal to tide them over. Unfortunately, it just did not make the cut. This is primarily due to its pay-to-win controversies. Thankfully, a new under-the-hood update on Battle.net hints that a beta form of Diablo IV could be coming sooner than later.

diablo iv beta begin this year

An eagle-eyed fan discovered that Battle.net’s catalog config files now include references to the Diablo IV beta. The file says Fenris. Fans know that this was the code that Blizzard used to develop the game. Unfortunately, there was nothing in the file that could potentially point to a beta date or a file size. Still, this change in the config has fans hopeful that devs are preparing the launcher for a beta offering in the near future.

Although the exact date when the Diablo IV beta will begin is still up in the air, fans sign up for it right now. However, they will need a Battle.net account to do so. With that said, it looks like it will be a closed beta.

The full release date for the Diablo IV game itself is also unknown at the moment. What fans know about it right now is that it is currently going through “company-wide internal testing.” This information has fans of the franchise split regarding its potential launch date.

Some fans are still hopeful that devs could possibly launch the game this year. Others have already accepted that the game will launch in 2023. In any case, an upcoming beta suggests that development is in its later stages.

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