Afterwave: Downfall Arcade Shooter Coming to Consoles This Summer

Attention Commander 

Prepare to take on brutal threats in your own battleship. Soon, on consoles. Today, 7 Raven Studios is happy to announce that their action arcade shooter, Afterwave: Downfall is coming to consoles on August 3rd-5th. A press release about the game provides more details about all of the blasting action. Additionally, players cna get a glimpse of the gameplay in the official trailer from last month. 


Afterwave: Downfall introduces players to a battle against monsters. Players, with the help of their battleship, will take on the most ferocious beasts, upgrading their ships, battling the beasts, and speeding through various stages. Of course, players can experiment with differing levels of difficulty. Furthermore, players are able to join up with their friends in both local and online co-op to take on these monsters. 

The game features six different battleships each with their own abilities and playstyle. However, each ship fits perfectly into the bullet-hell action arcade style of the gameplay. Players can get a good look at the various characters, ships, and gameplay styles in the trailer released last month. Of course, the trailer also gives players a look at the varying difficulty settings, the stages and more as it introduces players to the action of the game. 


The game is arriving on Xbox consoles on August 3rd, to Nintendo Switch on August 4th, and finally on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 by August 5th. Of course, pre-orders are available for Switch and Xbox today. So, will you be hopping into your own personal battleship?