Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Is Currently Unbeatable on Nintendo Switch

That’s What You Call a Game Breaker

Earlier this month, Star Wars: KOTOR 2 came out on Nintendo Switch. The original version came out in 2004 and the modern day port has been handled by Aspyr. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a roadblock for players who want to… um, beat the game.

On top of the original game and content that Star Wars: KOTOR 2 offers, there is more to the new port. A bunch of cut content has been restored and included. Unfortunately, one of those new locations has a game-breaking bug, so you can’t progress that point. Fortunately, the developers are aware of it.

Star Wars: KOTOR

At some point during your playthrough, there will be a crash on the planet Onderon. Shortly after, there will be a crash on your Switch. Aspyr has acknowledged that many players are experiencing this issue and they are working on a fix. Unfortunately, they do not have a timeline on when players will benefit from it.

It has been almost two weeks since the Nintendo Switch port of the game was released. You would think that something preventing players from completing the game would have been a priority in the QA department. Hopefully, all you Jedi and Sith apprentices playing this game for the first time will be able to finish the game soon.

Star Wars: KOTOR 2 is available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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