Squad’s Update 3.0 Introduces A New Faction, Map and Much More

Squad’s Update 3.0 Introduces A New Faction, Map and Much More

Squad is a tactical FPS by Offworld Industries that first released in 2020. Today, the company has officially released v3.0 along with a stellar update trailer that shows off the some of the content that players can enjoy. There were also a ton of quality of life improvements and other changes made. Interested fans can purchase the game on PC via Steam at the price of $49.99USD.

In the update, players can look forward to major content pieces and significant releases. Firstly, the American Marine forces is now a playable faction and secondly, players can hop into the Black Coast, a new map. Thirdly, players can now enjoy amphibious gameplay which includes new vehicles, assaults from ships and more tactical options on the battlefield. The American Marine forces will be geared with iconic weapons, equipment and tactics.

Additionally, to celebrate the release, Offworld Industries released the Amphibious Assault Trailer. In the trailer, players will notice some of the potential tactics that can be deployed including attacking by sea via tanks, anti-aircraft weapons and more.

Moreover, in Squad, players will be thrown into the battlefield where tactics, strategy and decision making are key. The developers have strived to provide players with an authentic experience that features realistic gameplay and teamwork. Furthermore, players can utilize the VOIP system integrated into the game to communicate with their teammates in 100 player battles, base building and much more. The possibilities are endless.

What are your thoughts on Squad? Are you interested in its release? What did you think about the update trailer? What piece of content are you most interested in? Do you enjoy tactical FPS games? Are you interested in the new map and faction? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.