Squad Update v2.12 Overhauls Visuals and Improves Gameplay Elements

Squad Update v2.12 Overhauls Visuals and Improves Gameplay Elements

Offworld Industries, an independent video game publisher and developer, released Squad on PC in 2015. Since then, the game has strived in its niche of an ultra-realistic, tactical FPS experience. The game is set in the modern day environment where players must work together to achieve their mission. The motto, Communicate, Coordinate and Conquer are quite applicable. Today, Offworld Industries have announced the release of Update v2.12 following a considerable period of work. The update introduces an overhaul of its visuals, gameplay improvements and a map overhaul.

The primary focus of this update was to improve the game’s visuals and add new opportunities for players based on the visual upgrade. The team has reworked the dynamic shadows allowing for additional rendering on all graphics settings. There were also improvements to the game’s lighting, foliage and the muzzle flashes. These changes allow for more competitive approaches to the game and an even playing field.

Two new features in the patch include the Buddy Boost feature and adjusting the capture speed to scale to the number of players. The Buddy Boost allows players to climb over obstacles using each other as boosts. This feature will encourage teamwork, reward progress and more.

Additionally, maps such as Yehorivka and Gorodok will have changes made to their lighting and geographic features. Moreover, there were a ton of other changes concerning Infrantry, UI, Vehicles and VFX. Furthermore, the developers deployed a ton of bug fixes and other quality of life improvements along with miscellaneous changes.

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