Sony Launches New PlayStation Plus Subscription Service

A More Flexible Subscription Plan

Gaming can be expensive sometimes. It’s a hobby with investment. Luckily there’s often less expensive options. Today Sony Interactive Media announced that an all-new PlayStation Plus subscription is now available in North America and South America. A press release provides information about the three differing subscription types. Furthermore, the release provides a glimpse of the new PlayStation Plus catalogue, as well as, insights from Jim Ryan, President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment.  

The new PlayStation Plus subscriptions offer varying amounts of games ranging from PS2 to PS5 games. Of course, these subscriptions also vary in price. Starting from the $11.99 PlayStation Plus Essential, to the $17.99 PlayStation Plus Extra, to the final $21.99 PlayStation Plus Premium. Each can be paid monthly and each ascending tier provides all the benefits from the previous ones. 

“The global launch of the all-new PlayStation Plus represents a massive evolution of our game subscription service offering, and we are pleased that fans worldwide can now enjoy hundreds of fantastic games available in the PlayStation Plus catalog.” Says Jim Ryan, President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

Each subscription possesses the ability for online play. Ascending tiers allow players to play a whole catalogue of games. Of course, this means players will be able to access games from many PlayStation eras. Furthermore, new games are coming to the catalogue from many fan favorite PlayStation developers. For instance, developers such as Insomniac Games will be appearing. 

Additionally, the current cloud-based subscription game service, PlayStation-Now, is transitioning into the new PlayStation Plus service.

The new PlayStation Plus subscriptions are currently launching in North and South America. Additionally, the game catalogue arriving with the new subscriptions will constantly be updating to provide more games for players to enjoy. Furthermore, more information is available on PlayStation’s website.  

SOURCE: Press Release