Ready or Not’s Development Update Shows Off A Map In Development

Ready or Not’s Development Update Shows Off A Map In Development

Void Interactive released their tactical, FPS title, Ready or Not in December 2021. Since then, the game has been marred by an unfortunate series of controversies. However, the developers have continued to release top notch content for the game and it was well received upon launch as an unofficial successor to SWAT. Today, the developers have released Development Update Vol. 33 where they showed off an upcoming map, the Data Center in its early stages.

In the map, players will raid the Los Suenos Police Department filled with server rooms and shady tech. Players must search for intelligence and information as the clock ticks down. Along the way, players must be able to get past on-site security guards and various secured doors. Furthermore, the map is filled with both tight and open spaces.

The developers have confirmed that the stage is still in development. However, the team is working hard on its release and Void Interactive will provide more details in the future.

In Ready or Not, players take on the role of modern-day SWAT teams and must work together to defuse hostile and difficult situations. To do so, players must utilize tactics, equipment and top notch communication as each situation poses its own challenges and issues. Ready or Not is a true tactical FPS.

Interested fans can purchase the game on Steam here. It retails for $39.99USD but is currently on sale for 10% as part of the Steam Summer Sale at the price of $35.99USD.

What are your thoughts on Ready or Not? Have you tried it since its release? Do you enjoy it? What did you think about its past controversies and issues? Are you interested in the upcoming map and content? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.