Void Interactive Provides Update on Ready or Not’s Steam Takedown

Void Interactive Provides Update on Ready or Not’s Steam Takedown

Void Interactive released Ready or Not, its tactical FPS reminiscent of SWAT in 2021. Since then, due to the nature of the game, it has been marred in controversy. However, the company continues to release updates for the title and fans love the game for what it is. Unfortunately, the game was pulled from Steam on Thursday, 16th June, leading to people conspiring as to the reasons why. Today, Void Interactive has released a statement addressing the issue and the game’s status on Steam. Interested fans can purchase the game on Steam here at the price of $39.99USD.

In the statement, Void Interactive explained that a takedown requested was issued via Steam due to a trademark infringement in the game’s Night Club map. The company explained that it takes any IP concerns seriously and as a precaution and in good faith, it removed the subject material and any reference to it from the game, Steam and other publications.

Void Interactive confirmed that the game will return to Steam once the changes are complete. Furthermore, the AI update video and other such content has been removed and will be restored upon completion of the editing process.

In Ready or Not, players enter into tactical, intense fire fights as a modern SWAT member who must deal with hostiles and save hostages. The game features realistic situations and maps along with diverse modes and various customization options. Players must lead their team into victory.

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