Ready Or Not’s Upcoming Update Will Address AI And More

Ready Or Not’s Upcoming Update Will Address AI And More

Void Interactive released Ready or Not into Early Access in late 2021. The game was positively received however, it was marred by controversy due to its realism and certain aspects of the game. Since then, Void Interactive has bounced back and have continued to upgrade the game. The developers have released a trailer previewing the upcoming AI Overhaul along with other changes coming to the game. Interested fans can purchase the game for $39.99USD on Steam.

In June’s content update, the developers will be introducing a bevy of new mechanics that will be added into the game. Additionally, once it is ready, it will be tested by the players before its official launch. The developers put together a six minute video that showcases the overhaul to the game’s AI. The changes particularly address new suspect behaviors and a cover system that they utilize. Moreover, these changes will give the game more depth and difficulty.

In Ready or Not, players take on the role of SWAT officers in intense situations where they defuse hostile situations and confrontations. Furthermore, the game features realistic situations and items including ricochet, plate dynamics and more. Additionally, players must be tactical in their approach. Players must be able to command the team, lead them into combat and use their tactical equipment to secure the target.

The game features various diverse game modes as well as over sixty customization options to set players apart.

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