OlliOlli World First DLC Void Riders Adds Skater-Abducting Aliens

OlliOlli World’s First Expansion Brings Alien Kidnappers

OlliOlli World just got its first expansion. Fans of the game are happy that Void Riders has finally been released to the gaming public. The DLC brings some skeezy aliens trying to kidnap heroic human skaters for the purposes of the Nebulord. It also introduces an all-new extraterrestrial biome, as well as some new cosmetics and challenges.

Our first story expansion for OlliOlli World is now live across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam,” devs wrote on social media. “We cannot wait to hear about your adventures from the V.O.I.D.”

OlliOlli World first dlc void riders skater abducting aliens

OlliOlli World’s DLC also changed up its levels too. It brings 15 levels, four bosses, and a multitude of difficult challenges. It may have a pretty distracting psychedelic aesthetic. However, players must not forget that the game will attempt to put them through the wringer. The ultimate goal is to challenge the final skater only known as the Hyped One.

The expansion also introduces a bunch of alien skaters. The biggest addition to its gameplay seems to be the tractor beams. They are dotted through the re-jigged levels as well as the new biomes. OlliOlli World players can utilize them to make themselves taller as well as to maximize their time whenever they are p performing skating tricks. 

It also looks like some cow abduction is involved as well. It remains unclear precisely how that works. However, the DLC’s descriptions does mention a cow onesie.

OlliOlli World’s Void Riders DLC is free for fans who have already purchased the $15 expansion pass. It is one of the two expansions that devs have already planned for the game. On its own, it will cost players $10. Getting the pass grants fans access to the Roll7 DLC which is due for launch some time later this year.

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