OlliOlli World Video Review – Heaven Is a Halfpipe

OlliOlli World Video Review

Have you ever looked out the window of a car or bus as it drives down the street, imagining a mental skater grinding on powerlines or jumping over other street-side obstacles? You have. It’s a statement of fact. And so, you have perfectly captured the concept of OlliOlli World.

OlliOlli World is the third entry to the OlliOlli series. It has been about seven years since the last game and it has made quite the departure, visually. The previous OlliOlli games were stylized with pixelart, while the new title captures a heavy influence of Cartoon Network shows.

OlliOlli World

The first two games lack a narrative journey, but OlliOlli World has one that suits the over-the-top sporting action that the gameplay provides. It is full of puns and self-aware silliness to fill the gaps between stages.

The gameplay fans experienced in the previous games return in this cartoony take on street skating. The stages are not strictly left-to-right levels. Instead there are spots where players can transfer and change directions, entering a new set of obstacles to trick off of.

To achieve the highest scores, players will have to chain tricks together as they navigate the levels. There are many options in a skater’s toolbox, such as grinds, wallrides, manuals, flips, and grabs. Picking up the game and playing is easy, but becoming a master of the board takes skill and practice.

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