Lost In Play Bringing the Nostalgia This Summer

Relive Childhood

You remember childhood right? Making up adventures, hanging out with friends, and playing outside. Now, maybe you can relive some of those awesome memories. Today Happy Juice Games is happy to confirm the release date for its upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Lost In Play, is releasing for Nintendo Switch and Steam on Wednesday August 10th. A press release provides more info about the game. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a glimpse of all the childhood adventure that awaits them in game. 

Lost In Play

Lost In Play follows the story of siblings Toto and Gal. Players will follow the two as they explore dreamscapes, meet magical creatures, solve puzzles and more. Of course there’s a lot to do on this adventure. Players can play a variety of mini games with all kinds of creatures. From cards with a goblin, to teaching a sheep to fly. Furthermore, players can immerse themselves in the story through the distinct visual communication of the game. There will be no dialogue or text boxes. Just you, a whimsical fantasy world, and Toto and Gal. 

“This is a game you and I can play in front of our kids to show them a little slice of our collective childhoods,” says Yuval Markovich, co-founder at Happy Juice Games. “That’s why we were so inspired by the spirit of the cartoons we all grew up watching, using the sense of adventure they convey to connect with the younger generation.”  

Players can get a glimpse of the cartoon inspired adventure in the new trailer. 

Lost In Play is releasing August 10th, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Currently a demo is available on Steam. Are you excited for some childhood fun?