Bandai Namco Won’t Explain the Two Missing Soulcalibur Games

Soulcalibur 1 and 2 Have Gone Missing

About a month ago, Soulcalibur fans noticed something strange on the Microsoft storefront. Soulcalibur 1 and 2 were just plain missing. Existing product codes might still work, but actually grabbing the games yourself would prove a lot more difficult.

This, by itself, is not that strange. Especially for a game like Soulcalibur, whose crossovers with different IP might lead to licensing issues. But usually, those typical occurrences come with some sort of explanation. Soulcalibur fans got nothing of the sort.

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Initial discussions of the missing titles can be seen in this reddit thread, where fans are forced to fill the gaps on their own. The idea of remakes or remasters are headline among them – each paired with a reason why that would never happen. Another user suggests that it was simply a mistake on Bandai Namco’s end, but hindsight can destroy that assumption. Surely a company wouldn’t just shut off a revenue stream for no reason… right?

A writer for Fanbyte tried to find those answers more recently. There, he went for the source themselves, sending inquiries and doing investigations, only to come up short every time.

And so, we are simply left without an explanation, and without a copy of Soulcalibur 1 or 2. The idea of a remaster remains the dominant possibility, but it’ll stay firmly planted in the realms of speculation until Bandai Namco makes any kind of statement on the issue.

Until then, your Soulcalibur experience will have to stick with more recent released. The newest entry, Soulcalibur 6, is a fun game in its own right, with our own review giving it a score of 85. If you find yourself missing those two older games, the new one might hold you over until Bandai Namco makes some kind of statement.