Anvil Saga Starts Smithing in Early Access

Historically Accurate(ish) 

Can you become a Blacksmithing success story? Well now you have a chance to try. Herocraft PC is happy to announce that their management sim RPG, Anvil Saga, has entered Early Access on Steam. A press release about the game provides more information. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a great look at the art style and gameplay of Anvil Saga. 

Anvil Saga

Anvil Saga places players in the shoes of an aspiring blacksmith during the Hundred Years War. Your goal is to transform your rundown store into a successful enterprise. Of course, you will have to face off against your smithing rivals while completing orders for interesting characters. Importantly, these characters will range from English and French soldiers, to bandits and more. However, it’s up to the player to choose which relationships to pursue or hurt. Every decision that players make will impact the game. From conflicts, to even endings of the game. Yet, don’t think you will forever be working alone. Of course, as you expand your shop you’ll be able to recruit a skilled team of professionals. Player’s workers will have different skills, needs and more that you will need to keep happy by building rooms, facilities, and amenities. 

The Early Access trailer for the game provides players a look at the art style and gameplay of Anvil Saga. Additionally, the trailer shows off how the smithy works, how players can expand their shop, as well as, much more. 

Anvil Saga is currently available in Early Access on Steam. It costs $13.04 with a 10% Early Access discount. So, are you ready to become the greatest blacksmith of the Hundred Years War?