Wick and Skull Announces Call of Duty Candles

Call of Candles 

Time to lock and load with some great scents. Today Wick and Skull announced that it is partnering with Call of Duty to bring two new candles inspired from one of gaming’s most prolific series. A press release about the candles provides more details on the scents as well as about Wick and Skull as a company. Additionally, some photos give those candle lovers out there a good look at how the candles will fit into your set up. 

Wick and Skull is a company that dedicates itself to pairing the vibrancy of gaming with the ambience of candles. Of course, this newest line is no exception. Featuring candles, one named after an iconic map the other after the new Warzone setting, that are sure to inspire fond feeling in any Call of Duty fan. 

The first candle, Nuketown, carries the scent of citrus and smoke. It invokes the feelings of chaos while highlighting the scent reminiscent of gunpowder. Perfect for those who call the close quarters of Nuketown their home. Secondly, Pacific channels the scents of coconut and cedar. Welcoming to the seaside, friends. Additionally, a third scent is on the way according to the press release. Of course, these new scents arrive while Call of Duty fans are locked in the intense combat of new Vanguard and Warzone content. 

More information about these new scents are available at Wick and Skull’s website. So, which scent are you gonna douse your set up in? Will you take in the hype scents of Nuketown? Or chill out in the Pacific? 

SOURCE: Press Release