Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters Out Now On PC

Vanquish the Plague 

Take up your bolter and sword Grey Knight. Chaos is afoot. Today Complex Games and Frontier Foundry are happy to announce the release of their turn-based tactics game, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters, out today on PC. In addition to the announcement a press release provides more details about the game. Furthermore, a launch trailer gives players a better glimpse into the grim dark of Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters. 

Warhamer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters takes players to the grim dark of the far future. Here you will play as an elite chapter of space marines known as Grey Knights fighting to exterminate a Nurgle-plague called the Bloom. The game introduces players to tactical turn-based combat where the Grey Knights are under your command. Of course, this means so is their massive arsenal. Every gun, melee weapon, psychic power, and more is at your disposal to deal with the threat of Chaos. 

Of course, it isn’t all the glory of battle. The game’s rich strategy level is even taking place between fights. Aboard the Baleful Edict strike cruiser players get to choose where they take the fight next. Additionally, players can also research new ways to defeat chaos. Players will need to use everything at their disposal to put a stop to the Bloom leading up to the final conflict with the dreaded, and iconic, Death Lord Mortarion. The galaxy cannot be allowed to fall to the Bloom. Even if you need to use the last ditch resort: Exterminatus. 

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate- Daemonhunters is out today on PC via Steam. The standard edition of the game costs $44.99 while the Castellan Champion Edition costs $54.99. The champion edition includes an extra character Castellan Garran Crowe wielder of the Black Blade of Antwyr. So, get ready Grey Knight. Chaos is upon us. The Emperor protects. 

SOURCE: Press Release