Harvest Days, Relaxing Farming Sim, Growing on Early Access May 12th

Welcome to Paradise 

Have you ever wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of your everyday life? Would you rather escape to a simpler way of living? Today indie developer Family Devs is happy to announce the official Early Access release date for their cozy low-poly farming simulator, Harvest Days, coming to Early Access on May 12th. A press release about the game provides all the details about how players can start their farming lifestyle. 

In Harvest Days players take over a forgotten farm, lost to time. You will work to restore it. Of course, this means taking care of animals, tend to gardens, harvest and trade your crops, and more. The game, in a similar vein to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, introduces players to deep but accessible gameplay. They are able to adventure across a beautiful open world by horseback, go fishing in the rivers and streams, and work to make their farm a success. 

Of course running a farm will be a challenge. But with help from neighbors, uncovering secrets in the open world, and some persistence you are sure to make the new country life suit you. Additionally, the Harvest Days trailer gives players a glimpse of the world they will be farming and exploring in. 


Farm Days is coming to Steam Early Access on May 12th. Currently players interested in the game can wish list it on Steam. So, are you ready to put on your overalls, hop in your tractor, and get farming?