Top 5 Casino Games Inspired By Traditional Video Games

There is no denying that there exists a strong link between online gambling or the casino industry and traditional video games. There is also no surprise that people who love Resident Evil or similar franchises would reach for online games even if they are connected with gambling. If you take a closer look at the gambling websites uk, you will also notice that many popular games are indeed inspired by popular culture designed specifically for fans. After all, it is an excellent way to attract attention. But we will get to this point a little bit later.

Many fans of traditional video games always reach for products inspired or themed after their favorites. The same can be said about popular shows or movies. Inspiring themes are undeniably used to attract the attention of the users to real money slots uk and other games available on the platforms. Of course, online gambling is not above giving fans of video games what they really want. Moreover, it improves user experience and helps providers to promote their products. So today, we wanted to dive deeper into online gambling and offer you a couple of different games from online casinos that were inspired by traditional video games.

Why Are Video Games So Popular?

Before we go anywhere further, it is fair that we focus a little bit more on why video games are popular in today’s world. No one can deny that the video game industry is one of the most rapidly growing spheres out there. Game development is not only intriguing but also popular and profitable. Now more and more universities actually introduced programs connected with game development to teach their students the basics of programming, world-building, game design, and so many other aspects connected with this sphere.

This day and age also brought a number of factors that allowed this industry to succeed even more. One of such factors was undeniably the global pandemic. If you haven’t played video games before, you definitely tried at least a couple during quarantine. But even before recent events, game development or gaming, in general, was popular. After all, it allows people to develop characters, become someone they always wanted to be, and venture into the New World. So, where gamers receive lots of fun and entertainment, casino providers also seek profit and attention.

The Link Between iGaming and Traditional Video Games

So what is this strong link between online gambling platforms and traditional video games? Well, professional gamers do not have one single game they play every day. Yes, there are many favorites, but they always try to find something new to add to their collection. The iGaming industry just happened to be an excellent addition to the already highly developed world of video games. It’s also interesting to note that the maturity of games does not allow you to actually earn money. Some of them do, it is true. However, most of the time, you can earn extra cash on the side if you venture into online gambling platforms. So why not do it while enjoying the theme and characters from your favorite traditional video game?

We really believe that both of these industries walk hand in hand with each other. Video games have developed before online slots. However, they gave an excellent boost to every other digital platform that wanted to connect with users. Overall, now they definitely walk hand-in-hand with each other, and more and more providers try using traditional video games as inspiration for their projects.

Why Use Game Settings for Casinos?

We have already established that many providers do, in fact, use video game settings for their casinos, slots, or pokies. But we only started establishing the reasons why so many game developers now try focusing on different TV shows, movies, or video games. There is not one but many other reasons behind it.

One of the obvious ones is the attention that they are getting. If you look online, such slot machines or online games apparently do have more attention from users. They do not only attract attention from people who already play with slot machines but also fans of the video game that are now willing to try gambling for the first time. Therefore, the reach of the target audience increases or even doubles. It is an excellent advantage that is definitely worth getting a license to actually create such a slot.

You might not actually think about it, but many slow developers are actually huge fans of traditional video games themselves. As we mentioned before, game development walks hand in hand with iGaming. This means that people who work in game development or with slot machines are often sands of both spheres. Even the process itself is not that different from developing a traditional video game. Game designers work on sound design, graphics, art, mechanics, mathematical models, and so much more. So it makes their job so much easier to develop a game using graphics from an already popular video product.

Types of Video Games


If you are a gamer, you already know that there are many varieties of different video games. We can also promise you that whatever your preference is, it will not be hard for you to find a perfect game that suits all your preferences and desires. Whether you like multiplayer games with your friends or complicated puzzles, there are thousands of different products available online.

However, today we will be speaking about traditional games. You will also notice that the majority of them are rather old franchises that keep on receiving new variations and changes. One such example is the famous game called Resident Evil. It is an excellent shooter that takes the user into the world of a zombie apocalypse and Raccoon city.

We will get two more games a little bit later, but we wanted to use this game as a good example. It may not be a multiplayer game as it is considered to be a survival horror or first-person shooter. It also combines a number of different genres. The same can be said about almost any game that you see on our list. But no one can deny that this game is indeed traditional. After all, it received numerous nominations and praise from its fence. A successful film series is also a good indication that this game is traditional. Besides, even those people who do not play often definitely heard of this product before.

Resident Evil

We will start with big guns. Resident Evil is one of the most popular video game franchises out there. Even those people who do not necessarily play video games heard of this one. The game started as a Japanese horror-style video game. It involved third-person and first-person shootings that were rather graphic and bloody. In 1994 this game was finally released in the United States and later on different platforms, including PlayStation in 1996. After that, the game received several different sequels and essentially started the genre of survival games and horror.

If you have not played this game before or have not seen comic books, novels, movies, and even cartoons, let us give you a quick round down through the plot. The game essentially follows the main protagonist, who finds herself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The game is set in the United States, a fictional Raccoon city where an umbrella corporation has developed a mutation that transforms people into zombies. Your goal as a player is to destroy zombies and uncover future plans of the umbrella corporation. You can imagine how graphic and slick the slot machine looks, considering the incredible graphics from the actual game. That is why it is the first one on our list.

Space Invaders

Space invaders is a classic. There is simply no denying that. It is also one of the games that are not only available online but also remains rather popular in different arcade machines in bowling alleys and other locations. It also brings an element of nostalgia for people who grew up around the 80s and missed that decade. Funny enough, a lot of people associate the 80s specifically with this game. It has a unique feel to it that was easily transformed into a slot machine with multiple lines and one bonus game.

Considering that this is a skill-based game, the slot also engages with these elements. So every time the user receives a bonus, they are allowed to play almost an original version of Space Invaders. The main goal of this game is, obviously, killing different aliens before they get to you. We truly love that this lot is not necessarily traditional. It uses elements from the actual game, and it is a rare case because slot machines are oftentimes very brick and mortar.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft or the Tomb Raider is favored by a lot of people. It is also a similar case to Resident Evil as not only video games fans know everything about this product. You have probably seen a number of different movies, including the ones with Angelina Jolie or Alicia Vikander.

We think that this choice of video game is excellent for a slot machine. It attracts all kinds of different audiences. Everyone who plays this game will definitely try a slot machine. However, it targets a wider audience because we have quite a few live-action adaptations available. Moreover, people who like Indiana Jones or similar movies will also be targeted. Overall, we’re saying that it was an excellent decision to use this game precisely as it has attracted a lot of attention to the casino provider.

Call of Duty

We have two more games on our list, and one of them is a traditional Call of Duty. It is yet another shooter on our list that was later translated into a more traditional version of a slot. Even though the providers did miss an opportunity to use the actual shootings, there are a couple of intriguing elements that still make this slot unique.

For example, the players sometimes see different soldiers running around the screen and even tossing grenades. The setting is also rather reminiscent of the actual game, with explosions triggered by bonus games and the sound design. It is ideal for people who are huge fans of Call of Duty or those who like death metal. Let us tell you, the soundtracks for this game are definitely worthy of some attention. They are really on the nose, yet they worked perfectly with the setting.


The last on our list is a rather famous video game called Zuma. It is hard to explain the overall essence of this game. Nevertheless, the user is playing as a frog that shoots differently colored balls into a line of more balls. Is it complicated? Wow, you will do much better trying yourself. Besides, hardly anyone doesn’t know this game. It is one of the most engaging matching puzzle video games out there.

The slot actually uses some of the elements from the original game. You can also see the lines of balls and the frog that appears in the middle of the screen. It is a nice addition to a typical slot with five wheels, 20 pay lines, and several bonus features.

What Is Needed To Succeed in Playing

Many people wonder what an amateur player actually needs to succeed in this complicated world of video games. Do you need skills? Do you need a special course? Is it all about luck, especially when it comes to online gambling platforms? Even though there is no universal answer to this question, we can give you our personal opinion on this matter.

When it comes to online gambling, we value both luck and skills. By skills, we do not mean the way you can actually spin slot machines. It is more about the way you approach prior research and selection of different games and slot machines. Only professionals understand volatility and RTP. But before we continue our journey through team development, we will give you a little hint. RTP signifies the overall percentage that is returned to the player. At the same time, volatility showcases how much and how frequently the slot machine will pay you. So if you’re willing to test different online casino games, would you recommend keeping an eye on these factors even if your slot is themed after your favorite traditional video game. But you should also remember that online gambling is quite different from traditional video games. It involves real money. So you should always keep in mind that being responsible is your greatest advantage.

Growth of the iGaming Industry

If you’re wondering why online gambling became so popular that we are now discussing its link with traditional video games, we do have an answer. Even though online gambling was definitely popular even a couple of years ago, it did become much more recognizable during the events of the pandemic. Many people who were used to gambling in real life or in land-based casinos were looking into different ways how they continue gaining money as professionals. Their answer was rather nearby.

Many casino providers always try to copy their land-based versions of slot machines for online platforms as well. Of course, land-based versions often appear sooner, yet it doesn’t mean that you cannot play your favorite slots right from your couch. The same goes for games that are centered around traditional video games. Overall, this industry definitely became much more popular once all the casinos were actually closed. Besides, game providers have better opportunities now than they did before. No one could imagine that online gambling platforms could be as successful as using traditional video games for their themes. It is not only expensive but highly professional. So this definitely signifies the rapid growth of this industry.

License and Copyright

When it comes to using someone else’s property and traditional video game characters, licensing is key. You cannot simply use graphics from Resident Evil and pretend like they are your own. Everybody will notice, and the lawsuit might be rather expensive. Therefore, many casino providers do this on the official ground by contacting developers of the games and asking them whether they are allowed to use their graphics and how much it may cost. Even though there is no precise information available online about the cost of a franchise, we can simply imagine that it is not a couple of hundreds of dollars.

It is also true that not every casino developer or provider can actually afford to buy such a license. Therefore, if you happen to see a slot machine themed after your favorite video game, the provider is really successful as they paid a lot to use graphics. You should also know that art pieces are often licensed and protected by copyright. So if someone uses your intellectual property, they can be sued. Without that, you actually need this information, but it may be valuable sometimes.

Are Games-Themed Products More Profitable?

Our answer is yes and no. We have established before that side games do attract more attention from the fans. They are also aesthetically pleasing and overall fun to look at. However, licensing and the possibility to use popular video games in your slots actually comes with a huge price tag. The price will depend on the franchise that you want to use. Nevertheless, it will definitely be rather pricey. Therefore, even though many providers want to use popular themes for their slots, not every single one can actually afford it.

It is also crucial to analyze whether the money spent to obtain the theme will actually be worth it. Yes, they do attract more attention. But will the slot machine return the amount paid to the creator and leave the casino provider with a profit? The answer here depends on the franchise that was selected and its popularity. Such games as Resident Evil or Space Invaders will definitely attract a lot of attention. But it is also important how many slots are advertised and shown to the public. Thus, it can’t be a rather daring decision to be made. Besides, selecting a very popular game will mean that you will spend more on a license with possible prospects that you will return that money.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we have talked a lot about the importance of video games in our lives. We can hardly live without at least encountering one traditional video game. The same can be said about online gambling and salt machines. Game development is a rather intriguing and rapidly growing sphere. As a matter of fact, it does not only contain traditional video games but other variations that do include online slot machines. Because of this tight link between the iGaming Industry and video games, many casino providers try using inspirations from very popular franchises for their slots. After all, they do attract more attention, possibly gain more proffered and make the company more recognizable.

Of course, there are also several drawbacks that are easily seen for providers who are trying to use traditional video games for their slots. For example, in order to buy a license, individuals have to calculate whether the price will actually be worth all the promotion and profit. It is also not that simple when it comes to utilizing art from different video games. Game designers have to work on graphics, proper stylization, sound design, mechanics, and so much more. Overall, a number of very famous casino developers actually use video games as inspiration. They also buy licensing and promote their products to fans of both video games and sod machines. From our list, you have noticed that Lara Croft, Resident Evil, and Space Invaders are among the crowd favorites. So if you are a fan of traditional video games, we are sure that you can find a slot that will impress with its graphics.