Destiny 2 Unleashes Nightmares With New Dungeon

Duality Dungeon

Attention guardians, the Season of the Haunted is upon us. Today, Bungie is excited to announce Destiny 2’s newest dungeon arriving with season 17: Duality. A press release about the dungeon provides more information. Additionally, a new trailer for the dungeon takes guardians into the depths with a cinematic introduction. It’s time to face your nightmares. 

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s newest dungeons brings players right into the warring mindscape of the exiled Cabal Emperor, Calus. Your mission is a heist, to steal his darkest secrets and return them to the guardians of the Tower. The issue is, his mind is crawling with nightmarish visages intent on making sure you never see the light again. Of course, the new dungeon features specific legendary armors, exotic weapons, and more. The Leviathan has returned to orbit above the moon and if you are brave enough to face the past, you can claim this loot. 

Additionally, those who successfully brave the dungeon before August 24th will have access to additional rewards. Guardians who successfully clear the dungeon will have the option to purchase the Deep Explorer Sweater and the Thoughtstealer Pin

Duality’s launch trailer gives players a glimpse at what they may face. With a dark voice-over that conveys the theme of the Dungeon, the trailer brings players just to the brink of horror. But the full nightmare awaits those who will enter the dungeon. 

The new dungeon is available to those who purchase Destiny 2 The Witch Queen: Deluxe Edition or the Duality Dungeon key for 2000 silver. Will you brave the nightmares of a broken mind? Of course, try not to lose yourself guardian.