Corpse Factory Will Officially Release In Late May

Corpse Factory Will Officially Release In Late May 

River Crow Studio is an indie development company that specializes in the development of Japanese RPGs, visual novels and anime-inspired games. The company has now announced that Corpse Factory, its most recent title, will officially release on May 31st, 2022. The game takes players on a journey through a visual novel filled with suspense and thrills. Interested fans can play the game’s demo and wishlist it here.

In an official announcement, the company stated, “Corpse Girl has cracked open the sarcophagus of secrets and is finally ready to reveal CORPSE FACTORY’s release date. The game will be released on Steam on May 31 (PDT)!” Additionally, the developers have confirmed that the game will support Gamepads and Keyboard/Mouse input. Players will be able to obtain Steam Achievements and there will be Trading Cards available shortly after release.

The developers noted that the release took a bit longer than expected, but the final product includes more content including additional voice acting and a ‘mind-meltingly cool’ theme song.

In Corpse Factory, players will head to the heart of Tokyo where a bizarre website sweeps the country. Users on the website are able to request the death of other using only a photo. Soon enough, players will have to investigate the odd occurrences across the city as chilling and haunting deaths continue to occur. Along the way, tough decisions must be made and minor choices will impact the game’s ending. Although the story is linear, there are some twists and turns!

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