3D Platformer Lunistice Will Release In September On Multiple Platforms

3D Platformer Lunistice Will Release In September On Multiple Platforms

Deck13 Interactive is a leading German video game company while A Grumpy Fox is a indie developer that previously released Project Moonbunny. The two companies have announced that its latest project, Lunistice, will release on September 2nd on Steam via GOG and Steam. It will also release on the Nintendo Switch. The game is a 2D platformer with a unique aesthetic. Interested players can wishlist the game on Steam here.

In this game, players will take the role of Hana The Tanuki and jump through her dreams, until you land on her final destination, the moon! There are many secrets and adventure that awaits players there. The game includes a ton of key features. Firstly, it will be very affordable for players as A Grumpy Fox intends to keep it available for all players. Secondly, players will be able to experience seven different dreams and be able to test their skills in various modes. The game includes a Speedrun Mode and player as other characters in the game.

Furthermore, Lunistice features a retro aesthetic that stems from PlayStation 1/Sega games that are sure to play on players’ nostalgia. The developers were heavily inspired by early 90s 3D graphics filled with cool enemies and a fluffy heroine.

Lunistice was intended to be developed within thirty days as a challenge by A Grumpy Fox. However, this proved to be difficult and both companies continued to work on the game and will release details about the title on sales numbers and more over the upcoming months.

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