Xbox’s Mentorship Program for Women Kicks Off

This Xbox Program Is to Assist Women in the Video Game Industry

Xbox has decided to come forward with a mentoring program for women in the video game industry.

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Registration has opened for the Xbox Mentoring Program. This idea was first introduced on international women’s day- which was on March 8, 2022. This is a program that’s meant to give one-on-one attention, advice, and coaching sessions in various countries across the world. The current countries on the list are the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, and Korea. More key leaders from around the world are expected to (hopefully) join this mentorship program.

Those who live in the currently listed regions, and want a career in the industry, can apply from now, until April 17, 2022.

Here are some of the Xbox members that are taking part in the coaching: Hailey Geller, Social Marketing Manager (US); Louise O´Connor, Executive Producer of Everwild (UK); Venessa Nyarko, Producer at The Coalition, (Canada); Tania Chee, Business Lead, (Australia & New Zealand); Ina Gelbert, Director of the region, (France); Melek Balgün, event host (Germany, Austria & Switzerland); Mie Koshimizu, Category Manager (Japan); Boyoun Kim, Communications Manager (Korea).

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Many of these women are highly educated and experienced with a variety of backgrounds, anywhere from having master’s degrees in their fields, to having over twenty years in the video game industry.

It does look as if it will be difficult to get a one-on-one coaching session, by the looks of the requirement FAQ. So if interested, be sure to be 18 or older, and be sure to look and make sure the possible coach’s career goal is aligned with yours. Otherwise, you may not be picked, even if you really, really want it.

Submissions will close on April 17th, 2022, and those chosen will be notified before or on April 25, 2022. But be sure to answer within three days, or else the opportunity will be passed to someone else.

For those who are interested- good luck!