So, Apparently You Didn’t Need to Attack to Beat Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Attack Button is Totally Optional

So, for the record, you did not misread that title. Attacking is simply not needed to beat Elden Ring. Each swing from your character’s arms was totally unnecessary. And their replacement? Summons.

Recently, a certain youtuber decided to undergo a challenge run of Elden Ring. No doubt the title alone made for a snappy, viewer-enticing incentive to get the project to completion, but the sheer thrill of doing the almost-impossible was certainly a factor. His name is Iron Pineapple, and these are the results of his labor:

Elden Ring offered a unique canvas that enabled this whole endeavor. On top of being a top-notch open world title, the game offers players a ton of freedom to modify character stats and abilities. You can build whatever you want, and Iron Pineapple decided to stretch that concept to its limit. The flexibility came from multiple directions here, and other From Software games simply couldn’t compete. If a true pacifist run was ever going to be possible, it was right here.

And with all that freedom, what did Iron Pineapple choose? Faith, healing, and buffs. His goal was to have the summons do all the damage in his stead, and needed to do everything in his power to ensure it was done right. Considering Elden Ring’s difficulty, it would be no easy task. But… well, you can see the video yourself.