Phasmophobia VR to Get Big Update

Phasmophobia Hints at More Details on Twitter

Phasmophobia is always fun in the works. We have seen a lot of updates for the game. But the developer Kinetic Games has revealed that they will be updating something else for Phasmophobia.


Phasmophobia will be going through a big update, even a rehaul, for Phasmophobia VR. While there had been a short clip last month on Twitter, showing how VR has been working, in comparison to before. From the minute and fourteen-second clip, it was very smooth, and now the tools from the previous update- such as the pentagram- can now be interacted with using the system.

And now Twitter announced that tomorrow, players who have a VR will be able to experience the rehaul for themselves. On April 7, 2022, the VR version will update, and it will make the game a lot more fun for those who play via VR!


This announcement also prompted some fans to ask if this will mean that the game will be coming onto the PlayStation VR 2 in the future. There is no announcement for a possible PS5 VR headset version. Not just yet. Sony has been focused on VR in manufacturing and creation, but there has been no tentative nor solid date as to the possible release. Then again, it is not as surprising as it could be. Kinetic games is very much a small developer. Perhaps once it’s ready,  Phasmophobia will be released on the big consoles in the future.

So for now, we will have to wait on the official word if there is, or will be, a move onto the big consoles (and their VRs!) in the future.

For now, Phasmophobia can be found on Steam for PC and VR.

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