Moo Lander, 2-D Platformer, is Mooving to Release May 27th

A Mootroidvania? 

Get ready to explore a brave ‘moo’ world. Today Sixth Hammer Studios is happy to announce a release date for their upcoming metroidvania, Moo Lander. Releasing on May 27th, Moo lander is a very bovine take on the 2-D platformer genre introducing a world of dairy mayhem. In addition to the announcement of the release date, a trailer shows off all the cow calamity players can expect upon release. 

Moo Lander introduces players to a new universe. A universe where milk is the end-all be-all energy source. Of course, similar to many resources, overuse has made milk scarce. As a result of this dairy scarcity, your civilization is dying. However, there is a legend that an ancient machine capable of producing infinite milk exists. But, it won’t be unguarded. 

Moo Lander’s story, with over 12 hours of gameplay, revolves around uncovering the secrets of the mighty cows. Of course, the planet you arrive on in search of the machine is full of these cows. Twenty different ones to be exact. Each with different powers that players will need to adapt to in order to defeat them. However, you must defeat them in non-lethal means. As it’s the only way to uncover their secrets. So, explore the beautiful landscapes, destroy aliens, and harness the secrets of the mighty cows. 

The trailer shows off a lot of the aspects of Moo Lander. From the art style, to the combat, and even some of the cows. 

Moo Lander will be available May 27th on PC via Steam. Additionally, console releases are planned for the Fall of 2022. Get ready to get mooving and beat these bovine baddies into giving you the secret to infinite milk.