Limited Run Games and Konami Partner for Contra Anniversary Collection

35 Years of Contra

A classic run and gun that popularized the Konami code turns 35 this year. And it’s time to celebrate in a big way. Limited Run Games is partnering with Konami to bring gamers on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 the Contra Anniversary Collection. With three different collectors additions being available with the collection new and old fans can rejoice. 

As lifelong gamers and fans, it is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to work with KONAMI on the Contra Anniversary Collection.” Says Josh Fairhurst, the Founder and CEO of Limited Run Games. “We’ve put together something extra special with this collection, including the original arcade version, Japan-only releases, and all the landmark titles for this legendary franchise.”

The Collection is releasing as part of Konami’s 50th anniversary celebration. Of course, this means that the Collection will include the most iconic releases in the Contra series. Furthermore each collector addition available features even more goodies. From collectors soundtracks to posters and prints. Additionally, players will have a chance to buy the Ultimate Edition of the Anniversary Collection. 

The Ultimate Edition will include many bonuses. From a classic silver style box to character standees. Of course, there is even more to come. For instance, key chains, a Contra history book, and a poster. Furthermore, that’s not all, there is even more. 

Pre-orders for the Contra Anniversary Collection will begin on April 29th.  Prices on the collectors additions varies. However, all prices can be seen on Limited Run Games website