Lego Builder’s Journey Launches on PS4 and PS5 With New Trailer

Let’s Get Creative 

Playing with Lego is probably one of the universal joys for many people. The creativity seems endless, with countless ideas to build, and more imaginary worlds to explore. Now PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players get to experience this joy again. Today developer Light Brick Studio and publisher Lego Games is happy to announce the launch of their atmospheric puzzle game, Lego Builder’s Journey, on PS4, and PS5. In addition to the launch a short, new, trailer gives players a look at what the gameplay is like. 

Lego Builder’s Journey is an atmospheric puzzle game where players take on free-form puzzles. These puzzles tie into an overarching narrative that will present ups, downs, challenges, and celebrations. Of course, the players can immerse themselves in these puzzle worlds while unfolding the story as you solve at your own pace. The narrative focuses on a child, their parent, and the importance of playing. Excitingly all versions of Lego Builder’s Journey, including the PlayStation versions, now include the long requested creative mode. 

Creative mode introduces players to set themes and bricks that they can use to build. By using a mechanic known as brick bins players can reset the bricks they are currently using to build with and gain access to more. Additionally, players can use the photo-mode to capture their creations with perfect lighting and angles. Players are able to get a glimpse of both the narrative and creative modes with the PS4 and PS5 launch trailer. 

Lego Builder’s Journey is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Currently it is priced at $19.99. More information is available on Light Brick Studio’s website

SOURCE: Press Release