Indie Game Lake Is Coming to PlayStation With Physical Edition in Europe

Lake. ‘Nuff Said.

The game known only as Lake is an indie title that puts focus on the player exploring a small lakeside community. It was release in 2021 for PC and Xbox, but it has now come to PlayStation. European players will be able to purchase a physical copy.

In Lake, you play as Meredith Wiess. Set in 1986, Meredith spends two weeks taking over for her father’s mail service in her hometown. The small town community is a change from her big city life as she opens herself up to new possibilities and a new lifestyle.


During the day, the player will run their mail route, delivering parcels and meeting the townsfolk. You can drive your mail truck all through Providence Oaks either manually or have it drive itself as you take in the scenery. Beyond that, how Meredith spends her day is up to you. There are all sorts of quirky characters to befriend and perhaps even find… love?

The physical copy is currently only available to European customers. However, publisher Perp Games would like to make it available to other regions in the future. It comes with a map of Providence Oaks, complete with roads, locations, and images of landmarks.

Lake is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It will be coming out on PS4 and PS5 on April 8th. Subscribers of Game Pass can play it on PC and Xbox.

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